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  • Trend: to promote the medical device manufacturers direct bidding
  • 2016/11/12 Read the number:[7421]
  • Another unspoken rule of the medical device industry: manufacturers do not directly involved in the government bidding, but commissioned by the local operating companies bidding.
    This rule has been formed for a long time, the cause is a fuse: a multinational medical device company due to be expelled from the market of commercial bribery.
    Since then, in order to hedge, manufacturers began to fade into the background, looking for agents to bid. If the bidding process involves the unspoken rules of things, it will not involve them.
    It can be said that this is a disguised form of potential use of loopholes in the way. It caused a lot of hard to monitor and ensure the consequences. For example, the bid price is high, hindering the fair transparency of the tender, the joint bidding to play with the rules to seek benefits and so on.
    So, now the problem is to think of a way to make the production factory directly to the front desk to participate in the bidding.
    In recent years, the government in the medical equipment purchase tender side is almost uniform, the local business enterprise ", while the vast majority of medical device manufacturers have to bid the scene behind the scenes - this is why?
    First, the origin of the risk of black list
    In a few years ago to carry out the procurement of government procurement, a multinational medical equipment manufacturers due to commercial bribery was included in the blacklist, and was expelled from the market. Since then, significant changes occurred in the bidding this thing: Although many foreign manufacturers in our country have branches or offices, but they are more willing to entrust the local business enterprise "to their bidding, only provide products, technical support and customer service, rather than to bid.
    Slowly, the domestic medical equipment manufacturing enterprises, especially large enterprises also follow this approach, even in the "home" tender, but also to entrust those "repeatedly won the bid," the local operating companies to come forward.
    The author has learned that the medical device manufacturers have to adjust the bidding strategy is based on a safe haven mentality. Many have a certain scale of medical equipment manufacturing enterprises, especially large enterprises have been listed or are involved in the listing of worry "unspoken rule" was on the "black list", brought great losses to the enterprise, in order to avoid risks, the risk will be "unspoken rule" thing to do business.
    Thus, a large number of medical equipment business came into being, some of which have a certain local enterprises, "background" and "contacts"". Although they are not significant Mountain Dew, but they accepted the manufacturer's "trust", through the "unspoken rule" awesome bidding. Slowly, these "local business" in the government procurement of tender almost monopolized the bidding seats.
    Two, why the price rises?
    Some people say, "these 'local business enterprises' also to local finance increased tax, there is nothing bad ah".
    I think this is the protectionist rhetoric. They want to "protect" is not the local finance, but through "unspoken rule" by the people.
    Few people have to carefully compare the local tax revenue and expenditure growth is higher or lower, but the "unspoken rule" is a popular problem widely exists in the bad. May wish to estimate: in bidding, "local enterprises" often rely on money work will take a large chunk of its profits, which will lead to the cost of the entire bidding operation obviously increased, the bid price, the price was raised.
    Conservative estimates, compared with a few years ago, the medical device in the price increase of at least 40% or more, and some even doubled, the financial expenditure has increased significantly. By this, the principle of fairness and justice will be government procurement bidding operation all gone, "hidden costs" will further push the high price has soared, as a result of fiscal expenditure increased by more than the local tax increase.
    Three, confusion after the sale of the main responsibility
    Some procurement staff said, "by the 'local operating enterprises' successful, after-sales service will be more convenient".
    Many people in the industry know that the main responsibility for the sale of services has always been the production of enterprises. Their branches, offices, after-sales service agency is responsible for the implementation of after-sales matters. And around the procurement unit "side" of those operating enterprises, the vast majority is not the ability of after-sales service. These enterprises and production enterprises cooperation may be relatively short, there may be a single authorization, a single cycle of cooperation, for acceptance of equipment installation is completed, retainage prepaid business is likely to be out. Therefore, expect enterprises to provide a reliable, long-term customer service service, it is the wrong object.
    Four, find the bidding specialist is not practical
    The "franchise" government procurement "of the local business enterprise", the majority of small scale, the registered capital is not solid, the lack of liquidity, and operation of medical devices is not a long time, many enterprises to ensure the required for the implementation of the contract equipment and professional technical ability, the business reputation and accounting system is also difficult to make people rest assured.
    You know, most of the government procurement projects is unique, large amount of social responsibility, professional and technical capability is high, and the statutory conditions for those "bidding specialist" most does not conform to government procurement, the civil liability of independent ability to suspect.
    What is more, a number of enterprises to register for a boss, his business with the market to transform the role, or came out to bid rigging, or come up with one or two companies to help brothers accompany. I accompany you today, tomorrow you accompany me, liyijunzhan. The wind tight, the enterprise and the cancellation of "stealth", playing the "guerrilla warfare" to escape the limelight and make only superficial changes. Government procurement projects with such a business enterprise signed a contract, cooperation projects, practical got it?
    Five, if the purchaser unspoken rule
    The manufacturers directly participate in the bidding, can reduce intermediate links and those in a sneaky way "purchase, bidding to reduce operating costs, the bid price, the price will fall, the procurement efficiency is greatly increased, and the profits of manufacturers will not reduce. But now, the manufacturers to avoid the hidden rules risk is unwilling to come forward to bid; business to the unspoken rules bow, the reason is not only to survive, but also with some of the common interests of the purchaser.
    The author believes that the "unspoken rule" the root cause of the purchaser. Who dare to accompany bidding and in an ostentatious manner, almost all of the people behind the shadow of purchasing. To dispel the manufacturer's risk aversion, we must vigorously focus on anti-corruption, the purchaser of the black box operation in accordance with the law and the abuse of power and interference evaluation of illegal behavior, squeeze "unspoken rule" of the living space, so that manufacturers and business enterprise that does not rely on personal connections, no bribe, sincere bidding, like winning a bid let the market bid to regain the confidence of the rules
    Six, let companies compete
    Corruption is a long-term project. The author believes that the current may from the operational level to promote manufacturers direct bidding: Division of tender section (sub) as much as possible for manufacturers to supply organizations; at the same time, government procurement policies should be appropriately tilted to the manufacturers directly bid. However, this is not to say that all manufacturers have to go to their own bidding, the local operating companies to authorize the tender is still a choice of the market.
    Some items of the procurement of goods trivial, a small amount of a single purchase of goods, profit margins are thin, the profit may not be less than the cost of enterprises involved in the bidding. For this situation, manufacturers can be entrusted to operate the business tender, and business enterprises to focus on the spread of small list of tender, it will increase the reasonable profit space.
    The government procurement needs to create a delicate air, fair market environment, production and operation of enterprises should not be a monopoly market bidding competition in the platform, good reputation, strong business enterprises can compete with manufacturers, or to participate in the competition, so that manufacturers and enterprises have a space for one person in government procurement.
    As the "eight provisions" to force those who rely on the public consumption of restaurant changes in the mode of operation, designed by "unspoken rule" the survival of the business enterprise, should also make a new start.
    Note: the purchaser is the state organs, public institutions and organizations (according to the government procurement law) of state organs, public institutions and government procurement law in accordance with the law. (fifteenth).
    Author: Ouyang Ke Yung: State Food and Drug Administration of medical device review experts, health and Family Planning Commission clinical engineering expert database experts, Deputy Secretary General Medical Association of Shaanxi Province, long Shaanxi provincial government procurement center expert adviser and deputy director of Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor senior engineer

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