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  • Medical disposable needle electrode
  • 2016/11/12 Read the number:[5363]
  • Purpose: medical needle electrode is mainly used for the clinical diagnosis of patients with syndrome of practicing physicians, biological signals to the corresponding part of the human body in the process of examination, treatment and surgical (EEG, ECG, motor current) to monitor, collect and transmit neural EEG recorder (EEG), ECG recorder (ECG), and muscle dynamic current recorder (EMG), processing, analysis and diagnosis. Low frequency pulse wave can be sent to the patient's skin under the pulse wave, to stimulate the peripheral nerve stimulation, stimulation and pacing patients with the potential of nerve endings, in order to determine the physiological state of the nerve. The advantages are as follows: 1 material selection of vacuum smelting high elastic medical grade stainless steel wire, through a special process and grinding. 2 needle electrode: A. small angle bevel grinding needle electrode, can reduce the patient pain and acupuncture point bleeding; B. tapered needle electrode has the advantages of acupuncture point, no bleeding, no pain, no nerve transection, will not damage the subcutaneous tissue, and small damage needle can rotate. Between the 3 and the use of high-quality silver needle wire welding technology and anti oxidative safety anti contact type gold plated connector DIN42802 (international standard plug), greatly improves the reliability and stability of electric resistivity, greatly reduced. 12 using 4 kinds of colors on the human body parts of the code, easy to distinguish the parts of the electrical signal. 5 using the United States DuPont Co Tyvek1059B dialysis paper production of pocket type packaging, it has the advantages of ethylene oxide disinfection dialysis is good, disinfection thoroughly, the effectiveness of anti bacteria invasion is high. Higher than the average dialysis paper strength. 6 tip sealing way to facilitate the operator to tear open, pocket sized bags for easy operation of personnel to carry. Conductor in the bag around the system is very beautiful, standard, in the operating platform on the bag open immediately after the stretch, not tied, not entangled, the operation is very convenient. 7 double stranded wire is a kind of anti electrical interference and noise reduction good conductor is very effective. 8 varieties of specifications a lot, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m optional.
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